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Nixon – In The Hotseat Interview

Nixon – In The Hotseat Interview

Ahead of the release of his debut EP for Punks ‘The Basics Of Love’ we caught up with Nixon for a quick interview to find out what makes him tick.

What do you love about producing broken beat led bass music?

Producing gives me the flexibility to add many different tasty ingredients to a mix. A dab of old school, pinch of pads, drizzle of sub or even a good squelch of acid, all pounded together with a fat deep kick…pure vibes!

You have played all over the world, what’s your favourite spot?

It’s always hard to pin point a favourite spot to play, but I do have say if there is a rad crowd, no matter how big of small and we connect on the same vibe, that’s the best. Also it’s rad for me if there is also somewhere near by that I can go for a shred on my skateboard, it’s a good way of really connecting with the place.

Do you prefer rocking out festivals or clubs?

Tough question but I have to go on experience and that’s the clubs. But that’s only if the sound systems are tasty. Things are leaning towards festivals recently, as I can have in tow my young family, who are experience it all for the first time.

What DJs/Producers have had the most profound effect on you?

Dj’s that have influenced me are def – HYPE, Qbert, Carl Cox (back in the day) and those Stanton’s are pretty damn consistent. Producers would be mainly from my earlier studio days – Shimon who showed me the ropes, Sub Focus for pushing the tightness and my good friend Marc Mitchell on my home rock of Jersey

Name your top 5 tunes you are loving at the moment.

1 – Jillionaire & Salvatore Ganacci – Fresh feat. Sanjin (My Nu Leng Remix)

2 – Woz – Cherry Hill ft. Max Marshall

3 – Sly-One – Warm Red VIP

4 – Stanton Warriors – The World Needs Bad Men

5 – Benton – The Calling


Name your top 5 tunes that influenced you.

1 – Valley of the Shadows – Origin Unknown – RAM

2 – Joey Beltram – Mentasm – R&S

3 – BAT-TRAX – ‘E’ – Circle City Records

4 – PMT – Gyromancer – Acetate

5 – Eric B & Rakim – Paid in Full – UMG

What have you got coming up?

I have currently got a couple of cheeky edits of LTJ Bukem and Alex Reece, that seem to be smashing it this summer at a few gigs I’ve played at. As far a studio, always working on ideas some may see the light but some may not…and some may be another EP for PUNKS …keep you ears peeled!!!!



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